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How can I NOT spread the love?

Title: The past
Author: Shuu aka princessembrace
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em
Summary: I was wrong when I hurt, did you have to hurt me too, did you think revenge will make it better?
A/N: I wrote this when I was still a dumb ass, well I'm still dumb, but less

An introduction to your love

I wonder how we ended up this way. Even now that we’re apart I ask myself that plenty of times…

“Welcome back!” Naruto looked from his sitting position on the couch as a handsome long-haired brunette closed the door softly behind him with a clack, a certain kind of weariness darkening his pale but handsome face.

“Yeah.” The brunette groaned tiredly, just kicking off his custom made shoes on the entryway of the house and dropping of his attaché case as he stripped and hung his white trench coat on the peg just behind the door.

“How’s work? You look tired Neji.” The blonde, wearing the casual tee and above the knee denim shorts jumped off the couch and walked towards Neji quickly to give him a warm welcome kiss. His arms lovingly hooked around the man’s neck, drawing him to lean down as Naruto stood on his toes. Hands automatically wrapped around the small of the blonde’s back, long and tight Naruto was put into a loving embrace as he placed his lips against the taller man’s.

What Naruto thought would be just a brief kiss ended up with a languid lip-lock that sent them both plummeting down the couch with a short shriek coming from the blonde as Neji’s weight settled on top of him.

He couldn’t help but squirm a bit along with a mixture of a moan and a chuckle as he felt the man’s breath behind his ears, the long silky black mane tickling his neck and cheek as Neji inhaled sharply against the crook of his neck.

“God I missed you.” Neji’s baritone voice sounded throaty as it vibrated against the tanned skin of his neck, sending him to playfully chuckle in between words.

“Neji, we’ve only been apart for less than sixteen hours. Can’t help it, we’re both working.” The blonde answered, fingers raking the strands of black hair on Neji’s nape.

“It feels longer. God, that woman’s a bitch. No, a monster. She made me go overtime again.” Naruto could only smile as he listened to Neji’s report of the day, when they first started living together, Neji hadn’t been the kind of person to talk for so long, but because Hanabi’s always putting him in the edge the man’s always got something against her every time he would go home.

Even if it was something about the office staff. The company’s stock. Or the letter opener constantly threatening to slice off his throat because of Hanabi. Naruto was always glad to listen to Neji talk, it made him feel special that the usual stoic genius Hyuga can act so carefree with him when they’re alone.
“What about you?” Neji rested his head on the crook of Naruto’s neck, it seemed like it was the part of the blonde’s body that he favored the most, then again what part of Naruto’s body did Neji not like?

“Hmm? Well… Kiba’s his usual dog-self. Sakura’s fawning about Sasuke as always… man it’s been ten years already, I say her patience is amazing. Sasuke-bastard’s-Neji? Where are you touching?” Naruto was halted from talking when he felt a wandering hand slowly slipping under his shirt, the other one unbuttoning his shorts and zipping it open with considerable speed right after Neji had shifted some of his weight on his legs that was in between the blonde’s thighs.

“Enough of Uchiha.”

“I thought…” Naruto threw his head back as his eyes fluttered shut, a hiss escaped through gritted teeth when Neji twisted a hard nipple under the half raised shirt, the other nub being played inside his mouth with a hot malleable tongue. “You were interested-ah!”

The blonde dug his hips deep on the couch as he gyrated against the man’s own erection, feeling the friction of the fabric and the huge bulge under Neji’s trouser an invitation to the sensual movement.

Tanned hands made its way under the now disheveled long sleeved shirt, the necktie now lying somewhere on the carpeted floor of the living room along with the discarded clothes and undergarments.

“I thought you were tired? What about dinner.” Naruto managed to say with a playful smirk in between pleasured moans, tilting his head to the side and arching his back as a welcome invitation for the man’s mouth, which Neji gladly lapped with obvious greed.

“Aren’t I having one right now?” Neji shot back with a cocky smirk, some of his hair already plastered to his sweat glistened back and neck while his other hand that wasn’t busy caressing the underside of the blonde’s spread thigh groped for something in between the small spaces of the couch’s edge only stopping when a small smirk evilly curved on the man’s lips. “And a very sumptuous meal indeed.”

“Eh?” Before Naruto could realize it, Neji was already drawing away from him leading him to gawk at Neji’s fully hard cock jutting out in between his legs and his own. His lust glazed blue eyes trailing down the fair complexioned tone chest down the hard six pack abs, the liquid that Neji was pouring into his palm from a white tube was the only thing that took his attention away from the tempting site of his lover.

“You sex fiend. How did you…”

“It always pays to be prepared Naruto.” Neji said with a smirk, throwing the tube aside after carefully coating his erection and the other hand already pushing Naruto’s thigh down until it was touching the blonde’s chest.

“We just did it earlier in the morning… We don’t need much preparation.” Naruto squirmed in discomfort when Neji inserted two of his fingers inside effortlessly, hissing as he felt his inside burn at the expected invading feeling.

Neji cocked his eyebrow at the comment, savoring the sight of his aroused lover and the shuddering sounds escaping the blonde every time he would push his fingers deeper inside with every thrust. Inside Naruto was warm, wet and incredibly tight, just remembering how it would feel like to bury his cock balls deep inside of him was enough to make the brunette’s control waver. And based on how the blonde was begging to be entered, it was more than enough proof that Naruto was ready.

“Ah!” Naruto let out a short gasp, cocking his head to the side and fingers burying deep at the brunette’s back as Neji entered in one hard and swift thrust, the friction hitting his prostate dead on sending an intense tingling sensation deep in his belly.

“God you…” Neji wasn’t able to finish up, the tight heat engulfing his cock again as he pulled and thrust back with the same speed and strength erasing any coherent thoughts he could possibly think of. He couldn’t possibly describe it, hot, tight, and overwhelmingly delicious.

“Fuck. So. Tight!” Sleek strands of black hair swayed swiftly back and forth as Neji gritted his teeth with every thrust laced with outright violence, practically sending the feet of the couch to scrape the carpet as it would move forward with every movement. His grip on Naruto’s thighs were sure to leave purple hand marks as he leaned backward, grinding and thrusting in regular rhythm as he watched Naruto’s disheveled appearance, mouth parted wide in an O of pleasure while tanned hands gripped the arm of the couch above his head with a death grip. Every thrust was accompanied with Naruto’s cry of pleasure, each contraction and expansion of his tight hole sending Neji nearer to the edge of climax as his hand moved to palm at the blonde’s reddening manhood already at the point of bursting.

“Neji I-I can’t-” Naruto felt his hips leave the moist upholstery of the leather couch as Neji begin to pump him in time with his thrust, the movement causing for the upper wall of his sheath to brush against Neji’s slit against the blonde’s prostrate.

And then they arched their backs almost at the same time with hoarse cries of each other’s name, both stiffening as their orgasm slowly crashed down towards them putting them in a fit of gasps and trembling right after Neji collapsed on top of the blonde, sweat, cum and all splattered on the couch and in between their chests and stomachs.

“You up for some instant ramen?” Naruto managed to pant on Neji’s ear. “Because I can’t possibly do anything more than boil water in this state.”


That was what their relationship consisted of. Trust, understanding and obviously a lot of sex, their mutual liking for each other ever since senior high that continued on to college and ended with them living in a condo unit before Neji’s graduation was something everyone thought in their batch to be a fairy tale.

The unpopular blonde from middle school does a 180, rich genius childhood friend gets all worked up and thus begins the mating chase, it was an understatement to say that Naruto’s life when his age was still starting in 1 and not 2 was colorful. School fights, pervert and insane teachers, love triangles, he had them all, but if there was one thing that Naruto was thankful to happen in his younger years for, it was Neji’s confession, although it was more of… well what Neji did was pretty self explanatory confession without the words.

The both of them had been through a lot and half of it wasn’t exactly something that Naruto wanted to remember, he couldn’t imagine himself actually going through all that without Neji by his side and by the way things were going in the present, it looks like he never will.

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