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The horror!

A/N: I can't believe I was the one who wrote this, but... eh, well
Title: The Past\
Author: Shuu aka princessembrace
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em
Pairing: NejiNaru/ SasuNaru
Warning:  YAOI/ hurt/comfort NC-17?
Summary: I was wrong when I hurt you, did you have to hurt me too, did you think revenge will make it better?

A prologue to my heartbreak

Naruto worked in a lively unisex salon located in one of the major roads of the city, lively in ways more than one. He liked working in the friendly atmosphere of the growing famous environment of the salon, because most of his patrons and co-workers were either friends from his former part time jobs or classmates from his senior years it was comfortable for him. He just couldn’t stop himself from trembling with growing annoyance every time a certain bastard would enter the salon almost every month, and would see him in places that he was beginning to wonder if it was actually just a coincidence that Sasuke was there.

“What’s that… sir?” Naruto asked with blood already rushing up his head, his voice threatening to break into an angry growl while his eyebrows was twitching to a full blown arch as he forced his mouth to twist a patient smile towards the man’s reflection in the mirror.

“I said you cut too little, I want to make it shorter. I said trim for heaven’s sake. Do you really know what you’re doing?” The usual cheery atmosphere was gone and replaced by the burning tension between the two men, hostility pouring out of the blonde behind the man in every direction. Sakura who was busy applying hot oil to the woman on her side of the salon couldn’t keep her eyes from the glint at the tip of the sharp shears on Naruto’s shaking hand. It was as if it was shouting with malevolence to Naruto, ‘Use me! Use me!’, a little more provoking and Sasuke would find his neck engaging some bonding time with some extra sharp tools.

“Then why don’t you ask some of our ladies or guys here to do it for you. SIR.” It was obvious that Sasuke was trying not to smirk at Naruto’s rage suppressed with a twisted smile, his patience was already threatening to snap and Naruto’s known to be the most patient and friendly guy in the neighborhood.

“It’s because I enjoy making you work, dobe.”

“Wha~t?” It sounded as if Naruto’s vocal chord was concentrating on not roaring.

“Just do it. I’m the customer, so do what I say and shut up.”

“Even if I trim your hair a thousand times, your head will still look the same. Chicken butthead.” Naruto muttered under his breath in annoyance as his hand buried deep in the tool rack, groping for a comb.

“What’s that dobe?”

“Nothing SIR. I said you’re so kind to come back here very frequently. SIR.” Naruto felt like he would choke every time the respective would tumble down his tongue reluctantly, the guy just didn’t deserve it.

Relax Naruto. Focus. Try not to look at his ears… don’t look… Ooops, better keep my horns and tail out of sight. Where’s my magic fork?

“Whatever. I want a hot oil and some foot scrub after this. You know the drill.” Sasuke shrugged after, leaning his back on the reclining chair for comfort and closing his eyes in the process.

Neat freak.

The rest of the hours passed on so slowly for Naruto, it was the end of the month that he branded as Bastard day that was the most tiring day for him. For heaven’s sake, every time Sasuke would arrive he’d be occupied with him from the start of his shift to the last.

“Hey Naruto… want to switch places?” Naruto didn’t pause from massaging the brunette’s tense shoulders as his gloomy features lit up like a Christmas bulb.


“Naruto.” But that soon faded back into an annoyed, graver appearance as he responded to Sasuke’s call with the sound matching his features. “Yeah?”

“Harder.” Sasuke said sternly, shooting a sharp glance towards Sakura through his reflection in the mirror, making the woman jump.

Want me to pound you bastard!?

“Uchiha-sama, your shoulders are so stiff. Must be because of your supremacy.” He said with a wry smile, which Sasuke answered with a languid smirk.

“Yeah. Must be.” Naruto didn’t know if the brunette was holding him in contempt for refusing to go in a relationship with him was the reason behind his pissy attitude or was Sasuke just acting the way he did back in his senior years? And if it was because of the latter, he certainly got worst as he grew older.

“This hard enough for you?” Naruto made sure to give the heaviest pressure he could muster as his fingers rotated and pressed against the broad shoulders of the brunette.

“Just enough.”

“Naruto, it’s closing time already.” Sakura reminded, putting on her jacket as she put the cleaning tools on the corner behind the door of the bathroom.

“Yeah. In a minute.” He answered back, making sure that the bastard heard the short conversation clearly well.

“The trim, plus all the other treatments sir…”

“The same amount as usual right?” Naruto lifted his hands away from Sasuke’s shoulders as soon as the man got up, letting it hang on his side as he anticipated for the day with Sasuke to end along with the payment for the extra service.

“I’ll pay you after we get some dinner.”

“What?” Naruto asked disbelievingly, eyes following Sasuke’s every movement as the man put on his coat and tightened his tie while casting an observant look on his reflection on the mirror spanning the entire upper wall of the room.

“You haven’t had dinner yet.”

“And whose fault do you think that is bastard? I have some food in my condo. If you want to eat out that’s fine by me.” Naruto stripped off his apron that covers only his lap and the utility belt full of shears, brushes and combs on the tool rack.

“Fine but I still haven’t paid you yet.”

“Sasuke what do you want from me?” Naruto asked the stubborn brunette tiredly, leaning his hips on one of the fixed tables. “Because obviously, this is not the only salon in the district. And I’m obviously not the only barber working in here. You’ve been doing this ever since I got this job, if you’re doing this just to grate on my nerves please stop. It’s getting tiresome already.” Sasuke didn’t answer briefly after the confrontation but just grabbed Naruto’s bag lying on the counter by the doorway, only answering when he was already halfway outside the establishment.

“There are other things aside from that Naruto.” The bell clanged loudly inside the now dark and empty salon, grabbing the keys for the establishment he went out and secured the locks on the salon before heaving an exhausted sigh as he followed Sasuke’s departing back towards the sleek red car parked on the opposite side of his work place.

“Where do you want to go?” Sasuke pulled his key from his pocket, pushing the button and waiting for the roof to slide down to a little hood. He threw the blonde’s bag at the backseat, jumping in the driver’s seat and starting the engine as Naruto reluctantly sat on the other side.

As Naruto took one last peek at his working place, he thought he saw Neji’s car zoom past it towards the opposite direction they were taking. He just shrugged it off, of course there aren’t many audi quattro’s in the city, but that didn’t mean that Neji’s the only person who owns one.


Neji’s grip on the leather of the steering wheel tightened as he glared with obvious hate at the sight of the pair eating inside the restaurant by the window. Naruto was glaring, in a deadpan, then laughing and Sasuke was just… smirking that fucking smirk of his, the bastard.

Neji wasn’t oblivious to Sasuke’s visits to Naruto camouflaged as a regular customer at his lover’s workplace, he also wasn’t stupid to just shrug it off as some mere coincidence that he was a regular there. He was a hundred percent sure, the moment Naruto mentioned about Sasuke being a regular at Strand that the bastard was up to something. Apparently his lover wasn’t as suspicious, calculating or anticipating as he was, in other situations that could prove a very irresistible turn on for Neji, unfortunately THIS wasn’t one of those situations.

“Fuck, don’t you know how to draw the line with trusting people Naruto?!” Neji was practically screaming inside the car as he fought an internal conflict with himself if he should just barge inside and snatch Naruto or wait.

He was waiting for something. He just didn’t know what he was anticipating about, and every time his wristwatch would tick, his heart beat would race faster with it.


“Sasuke, it’s getting late. Neji’s going back at this hour so I should-” Naruto’s hand which was already halfway from leaving the company of the table was wrapped with a firm hand by the wrist by Sasuke., stopping the blonde from moving and just staring at Sasuke, confused.


“Naruto. Stay here.”


“I want you to stay with me.” The blonde contemplated on Sasuke peculiar words for a while, black not leaving blue as something suddenly dawned on the blonde, eyes widening before struggling to pull his hand away from Sasuke, but not succeeding afraid to cause a commotion inside the restaurant.

“Sasuke, I thought we’d already sorted this out.”

“I’m willing to do anything just to get you back Naruto. Come back to me. And we’ll save ourselves from getting hurt more. You don’t want Neji to-”

“Sasuke, I’m happy with Neji as it is. Can’t you see? Don’t go forcing your way into my life so suddenly like nothing happened, you were the one who wanted to break up right? So why are you-”

“I had to break up with you Naruto.” The cool depths of his black eyes warmed with something akin to regret, the familiarity of that look sitting the blonde back to the seat opposite Sasuke.


“My father… hell my family found out about us. They saw…” Blue eyes bordered with almond –shaped frames turned round with shock as Sasuke continued, his hand not leaving the blonde’s own as it moved to move from holding the wrist to cupping the tanned hand firmly. “After my brother ran away, I was left to fill in for his duties. Our relationship back then turned sour because of me, I knew it was my fault that I didn’t tell you about my family-”

“You never tell me anything about anything Sasuke.” Naruto cut in with a calm grave tone, his hand relaxing into the hold as he realized that the man wasn’t planning on releasing it for a while.

“I was pressured. I took it out on you.”

“Sasuke, when you’re a couple, you’re not alone anymore. Whatever issues you’ve got, your partner is there to support you. I tried, Sasuke, believe me I did. Even though I didn’t know how, I still tried. But Sasuke, I have a life of my own now… in the past, I hoped to have a life of our own just like this one… but that was in the past. I’m with Neji now. And I love him. Very much.”

“Naruto. You don’t love him. I’m here now, I know he’s just a replacement-”

“Sasuke can you hear yourself? God how can you be so fucked up? In a matter of just ten years you turned from an ass to a complete asshole.” Once again Naruto tried to get his hand back from the man’s grip, only to fail again.

“You know you want me. You’ve never stopped loving me. Weren’t you hoping to get us back together?”

“You have a wife!” Naruto hissed, just barely hanging on from screaming at him and thankful that the restaurant Sasuke was a regular of was always nearly empty if not totally.

“Had. We divorced a long time ago.”

“And I’m supposed to cheer for you for that?” The blonde said dryly, a wry smile darkening his features and in one fluid movement he whipped his hand free of the man’s grip, his elbow knocking against the cushion of the back of his chair fixed on the wall of the cubicle.

“Naruto-” Naruto quickly grabbed his bag under the table, leaving a wad of cash on it he quickly stormed out of the restaurant with an agitated brunette following him with long quick strides.

“Naruto come back-”

“Were done talking Sasuke. I’m not stopping you from going to the salon. That’s your right. But if you bring this up again I swear I’m going to ban you.” Naruto banged the door open, startling the waitress by the door that had been observing them ever since they first went inside the restaurant.

“No we’re not done yet!” As Sasuke followed Naruto outside, he caught a certain figure walking towards them, as quick as his mind was, his reflexes had his hand quickly grabbing Naruto by the elbow and twisting him to face him. Using his body he pushed the blonde back against the lamp post and planted a dominating kiss shocking the blonde and rendering him motionless before having the strength to push Sasuke away.

But Sasuke leaned in again, his hand holding a thick wad of crispy folded cash slipping inside Naruto’s back pocket and giving the blonde’s ass a nice and hard squeeze for a souvenir. “I’m looking forward to our next meeting baby.” Sasuke said clear and smooth in front of the shocked Naruto before planting one final kiss on the lips.

When he turned to leave for his car he was already facing a one unreadable but clearly shocked Hyuga frozen on the spot. Putting on a full blown smirk he put his hands deep in his pockets, brushing sides with Neji and feeling the swelling victory bubbling in the depths of his belly as he heard Neji’s faint gasp.

“You will be mine again Naruto and it will be not long before you come begging at my doorstep just like that time. Only this time…” The confident smirk turned into a tight line, his coal black eyes hardening once again. “I’ll never let you go again.” Flashes of Naruto’s departing back and his crying face streamed Sasuke’s memory as he started the engine of his car.


“I told you it was just a one time thing!” Naruto fought for his legs to keep from crossing as Neji practically dragged him from the apartment’s underground parking lot up to the third floor to their room, without ever using the elevator. All the while he was caught in between whimpers and explaining even though he couldn’t count the times that he stumbled and got rashly pulled up by the arm by the cold looking Hyuga.

“He said he’d pay the fee if I went to dinner with him! I didn’t know-ow!” Neji kicked open the door, startling the majority on the floor with its loud bang as he threw Naruto down to the floor, his nose fuming and forehead creased like it had never before.

“That’s right you don’t know anything. You never think of anything.” Naruto fought the dizziness rendering him motionless and half sprawled on the floor of the living room, his bare feet studded with splinters, dirt and bruises and the hand mark on his elbow already creating an ugly purple around it. Tears had already blurred his vision, his hands were shaking, his insides were trembling that standing up would be impossible and for some reason he couldn’t tell himself to calm down. Because even if they had major fights, he had never seen Neji lose control like what he was doing now that Naruto wasn’t able to realize that Neji was already stripping his clothes right at the door step.

“Neji… calm down there’s nothing…” Stark naked Neji whirled Naruto up and banged him hard against the door, the blonde whimpering as his back and head hit the offending door with sheer force.

“So what extra service did you do for him this time huh?” He ripped open Naruto’s button down shirt, tanned hand automatically acting in protest and failing. Along with that the denim pants and the underwear soon went to hang on Naruto’s ankle as Neji roughly pinned Naruto with his weight to the door and lifted both legs, supporting it with his arms.

“How long had you been meeting behind my back?”

“Neji I-Ah Neji… stop!” Three thick and long digits forced their way in inside Naruto’s entrance, the muscles around it contracting in defense of the sudden invasion.

“Hey look Naruto, my fingers slip in without any resistance. So you do this kind of thing with that bastard too huh!?” Naruto’s head banged against the door as Neji’s teeth sunk deep against the skin of his neck, drawing blood. Neji’s fingers didn’t stop from forcefully thrusting back and forth inside him as the brunette repeatedly marked him in all parts of the blonde’s body in Neji’s view.

“Neji it hurts! You’re hurting me stop!!!” Naruto’s pleas went unheard and with one fluid thrust Neji violently shook Naruto’s world apart with the searing pain that wracked all over the blonde’s body.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you used to this kind of thing? Don’t men pay up to see you like this?”

A blank look surfaced on the blonde’s face, his lips parted slightly and streaks of tears constantly flowing down his cheeks to his bruised neck.

“You’re not satisfied with the money I give you. You’re prepared to let him fuck you all he wants for some change!? So you’re not just a stripper, you’re a whore too! What a discovery that was!”

“Neji… stop….” As Neji began to move violently, somewhere in the back of his mind he wanted to stop. But the anger was so blinding that he lost to it eventually and somewhere in his peripheral vision he saw a belt hanging from one of the pegs lined up on the wall, putting two shaking tanned hands in a tight bind he hung them on the peg of the door just above Naruto’s head and the blonde silently sobbed as his body began to rock up and down.

When Naruto woke up he was already under the thick covers of their bed, with an empty space beside him. And he asked himself.

How one irreversible moment, one irreparable mistake could destroy what they had built for ten years and make it crumble before their very eyes in just a matter of seconds.

The debris left of their shattered trust and love. What can Naruto do to rebuild it again? Can he?

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