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Looking for an RP partner

Hi all !
I know this comm is never very active but I figured I'd still give this a shot : I'm looking for a NejiNaru RP partner (preferably long term). I usually play Neji so I'm looking for a Naruto. Anyone who might be interested, please, please, please drop me a word (PM or directly reply to this thread) !!! I'm having one hell of a hard time finding someone who's interested in NejiNaru. :(((((

I'm open to pretty much anything, AU, AR, canon, romance, smut, kink, angst, fluff, as long as the plot is interesting and the characters stay IC. I'm totally up for discussing anything you might be interested in, and plot plot plot as much as you like before we start. :D
I've been writing fanfiction and original fiction for years now, so I believe my writing, while not excellent, is at least solid. My strong suits are characterization, drama and angst. I do love a good plot with many twists and pushing the characters to their limits ; I always aim for a happy ending though. *^_^*

What else?

I'm looking for someone who's 18+ and who'd be available to RP once or twice a week. I usually RP via through email because of timezones issues, but I'd be willing to try something else if that was more convenient for you. *^_^*

That's all! Really, really hope someone gets interested in some Neji/Naru RP! I promise, it will be a lot of fun! *^_^*
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