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To Claim the Sky

- a NejiNaru community -

Claim the Sky - a NejiNaru community
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A free bird leaps on the back of the wind
and floats downstream till the current ends
and dips his wing in the orange suns rays and dares to claim the sky.

- 'I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings' by Maya Angelou

This is a fan community for the characters Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Neji of the anime/manga Naruto, and of the relationship between them. We welcome all fans of this pairing, even if it isn't your OTP. All things NejiNaru-related are welcome here, fanfics, art, icons, wallpapers, etc. We've got discussions, challenges and other things to keep the community active.

*For the unaware, this is a pairing between two boys. If that troubles you, please visit another community.
*There will be spoilers here. Info on the most recent chapters and episodes should be placed behind an lj-cut, but the rest is fair game.


1. Keep the community an open and friendly one. Flames will not be tolerated though.* Please don't feed any trolls that might wander in here either.

*I reserve the right to lock any thread which degenerates into that or any post that is made SOLELY for trolling, at least for a limited amount of time until cooler heads will prevail. Personal axe-grindings can be done privately and out of the community. I'm not discouraging debate though, far from it. I'm perfectly aware that differences of opinion can and will arise and I hope everyone's mature enough to be able to handle that without resorting to name-calling.

2. Please do try to keep things on-topic. As long as it relates to Naruto and/or Neji, it's all good. Other pairings have other communities though, and we're a NejiNaru-centric one for a reason. If some threads wander a bit OffT, it's not a big deal. As long as the off-topic stuff doesn't outnumber the on-topic discussions, it's fine.

3. FIC AND ART: Please put them behind LJ-cuts and add (spoiler) warnings/ratings if necessary. I don't think a posting format for these things are necessary, but I can draw one up (like that's really a challenge) for those who'd prefer it. ICONS: maximum for icons that don't need to be put behind an lj-cut is three. Icons that contain possible spoiler information need to be placed behind cuts though.

4. KEEP SPOILERS BEHIND LJ-CUTS. Tentative community definition: most recent chapters and episodes. May be subject to change.

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__________behind the scenes
*This community is maintained by errare.
*Any complaints/suggestions can be sent to forgiversign@REMOVETHISairpost.net