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How about some fun?

Hi guys! *^_^*

Since summer is upon us, I thought that it would be nice to have a little fun °^_^° So here is what I have to suggest:
Why don't we try to organize a NejiNaru Summer Exchange ?
Think about it: there could be fics, there could be fanart, and hopefully lots and lots of NejiNaru goodness!
I know that we're a small community. I know that we haven't been very active of late. And I confess that I'm not the most active of members myself. But we're all here because we love NejiNaru. And our members have proved many a time that they are very talent!ed! ^_~
So please tell me what you think! Right now this is all very hypothetical, but if enough people are interested, think about all the fun we could have!

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