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This is chapter two. Chapter one is here because it contains KakaNaru, even though the main pairing of the story is currently NaruNeji.

Title: What Happens Now
Rating: T
Genre: Angst
Warnings: NaruNeji, Oral Sex, one-sided SasuNaru
Summary: Contemplate for a second: what if Sasuke took Sakura with him to Oto? What happens to Naruto, who's suddenly alone again?

Remember when I said I had to kill Lee? That’s because Naruto takes his place. 

Chapter Two:
Please Don’t Go

Tell her she’s got skills when she doesn’t
Tell her she’s pretty when she’s ugly
Tell her its perfect when it sucks


Nobody wanted to be there. Gai didn’t. Naruto didn’t. Neji didn’t. Tenten didn’t. The only who didn’t pretend he did was Neji, and Naruto felt strangely satisfied - that meant he was normal, right? And Neji wasn’t.


“Hello, kids!” Gai-sensei enthused, his grin straining his cheeks. His eyes were glassy - Naruto thought they wanted to fall out. He
wondered if they would shatter on the hard-packed ground if they did.

“Gai-sensei,” Tenten murmured, smiling strenuously. Neji stood on her right, Naruto someplace behind the two of them. It looked like there was a big, gaping whole to Tenten’s left.

Naruto knew the person that used to fit there, and it wasn’t him.

“Why don’t we play capture the flag? It will promote your youthful innocence!” Gai-sensei asked in a parody of his old self, producing a green flag from a pocket on his flak jacket.

“Tenten, you’ll be on my team. Neji, Naruto, you have to get the flag. Close your eyes and count to ten!” Gai-sensei ordered. Naruto obediently closed his eyes and started counting at the top of his lungs. Neji stayed silent.

“…one! Okay Neji, lets go get ‘em!” Naruto announced, grinning at the other boy with too much teeth. He wondered if it was possible for his mouth to just crawl right off his face.

“Don’t.” Neji stated blandly, turning on his heel and walking away. Naruto had to jog to catch up.

“Don’t what?” Naruto asked, playing dumb. wait no not supposed to -

“Don’t pretend everything’s fine, because its not.”

“I’m not!” Naruto protested, trying to pretend to be angry. Dread curled in his stomach, because he knew.

“Its your fault.” Neji continued coldly, as if he hadn’t spoken.

“No its not.” Naruto responded on automatic, his voice suddenly numb. Neji whirled, glaring at him with white eyes and bulging veins. Naruto didn’t even twitch - he’d seen worse.

“You couldn’t take care of it yourself, and you got him killed.” Neji explained slowly, but Naruto already knew he was right. It’d been his fault from the very beginning - even Sakura had left him.

Neji didn’t say anything else, just stalked off, leaving Naruto alone.

They never did find Gai and Tenten.

“Please, just close your eyes.” Naruto whispers, clenches his eyes shut. Something crumbles in Neji, but he closes them  anyway. (They’d refused to go black when he’d used Henge, and Naruto didn’t like that.)

Naruto peeks an eye open childishly, a bright smile spreading over his face. He trails a hand over Neji’s transformed features, a giddy, hysteric feeling spreading in his stomach.

“I missed you, Sasuke.” Naruto whispers. Neji whimpers around him, and Naruto echoes the sound, bucking up into Neji’s mouth.

“Don’t leave.” Naruto begs through his moans, his hands entangled in Neji’s short blue-black hair.

Neji doesn’t want to tell him that Sasuke’s been gone for a long time.

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